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December 12, 2013

Winter or Remembering

If your life were a museum, what would it look like?

In one room, half-filled journals intermix with photos of close friends, and other photos would feature multifarious snaps from a dozen countries. The journals would be filled with lustful pursuits, intangible desires, endless quandaries and constant realizations. In another, vibrant bicycle frames of every hue would dangle from hangers with eclectic handlebars and missing back wheels. In the third, an old movie reel would play on repeat, showing all the would-be home-runs from my childhood that I couldn’t quite land, intermixed with shorts from hundreds of bike rides. There would be drawings everywhere, colorful markings bursting off of the page like shrapnel from a grenade – but none of them would be dated after 2004. Somewhere though, in that third room, there would be two finished pieces: the off-kilter, forest-green vase I made when I was 13. It’s the one with the painted bamboo on the sides. The other piece, an empty journal – the one I bound with dental floss and gave away.

Angela Matt


Camping Table

Hannah Bridge

Ice Truck


Le Poop


Tahoe Shore

Snow Tahoe