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January 3, 2014

Polaroids and Double-Exposures

I took these photos with a Kodak featuring my friend in the Mission District, then I found this old journal entry dated five years ago from when I was traveling in the Middle East.

January 1, 2009:

“Bombs were being dropped maybe 25 miles away in the Gaza Strip.  I really don’t know.  But over the heavy desert storm, I couldn’t tell the difference from thunder.  When I awoke to the new year the storm had calmed, then I heard the detonations – a loud boom a minute or two after the F16s swept by us overhead. It was a strangely timeless experience; I don’t think she or I will ever remember properly.  None of us will. Now though, palm trees are swaying with the tide, and the setting sun looks like a blanket over the red sea. I think I want to eat banana pancakes tomorrow.  I wonder what I will be doing in five years?”

Then there was this one, dated October 25, 2010:

“Mmm.  Emptiness.”

Kodak Polaroid (8)Kodak Polaroid (1) Kodak Polaroid (2) Kodak Polaroid (3) Kodak Polaroid (4) Kodak Polaroid (6) Kodak Polaroid (7)

December 12, 2013

Lights, long exposures and camping

Some friends and I made a little camping trip to the Oakland hills. I brought my camera for some unusual long exposures and a healthy amount of entertainment.

Light Dinosaur

DSC_1343 Light Fight Light Fight Light Text Blue tent Light Fight DSC_1297

August 20, 2013

Black Ties and a Beach

I decided to go to the beach on Sunday afternoon, clad in a bow-tie and tuxedo jacket, as per my usual Sunday routine.  With delighted surprise, I discovered several other astute individuals had a similar Sunday routine, as can be seen below.

blacktie (1) DSC_0900 DSC_0942 DSC_0987 DSC_1014 DSC_1019 DSC_1030

May 24, 2013

9 minutes alone and the 12 people that approached me at Bay to Breakers

So, I have a delightful Swiss couchsurfer staying with me right now.  “I love how friendly North Americans are”, she told me earlier. ” No one approaches you in Europe.  They just think you want something!”  And to be fair, I didn’t think twice today when that middle-aged man chimed in to our conversation, offering his opinion on local bars in North Beach, or when the park service employee asked how we are with no particular reason behind it.  We just do that, us North Americans.

So backtrack to Sunday, Bay to Breakers.

While the familiar drone of the race carried on around me (that is to say, the stationary drink-fest among costumed celebrators in the panhandle), I took a much-needed breather from the imbibing, high-fiving and gallivanting, taking a moment to lay down solitary in the grass. The erratic San Francisco sun felt good on my skin, I thought.  I did not expect to draw such an eclectic group of attention during my brief repose, however.

Quick background: I was clad in not-entirely-unusual (given the occasion) sports-esque clothes of a rather vibrant nature.   Nothing too unusual.

Anyway, my passerby’s, in sequential order:

  1. Four young women clad in pink tutus and matching bras, posing around me as I feigned unconsciousness.  They traded photo-taking with each of their respective Iphones.
  2. One half-naked man wearing only jean-shorts and suspenders who lay next to me, warning me about furries.
  3. Three 20’s-style prohibitionists that implored me to wear more sunscreen (I let them know I bore plenty, though).
  4. Two middle-aged passerby’s, commenting on my colorful demeanor, clearly not from San Francisco.
  5. One teddy bear, who posed for a photo with two thumbs up.  I’m not sure who took the photo.
  6. One panty-clad twenty-something in a 49ers jersey, commenting only, “his legs are so contrasting!”  To be fair, they don’t see much sun.

North America: we’re friendly!

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